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What Our Clients Say About Us

Our clients often praise our incredible service and attention to detail. Led by founding attorney Gabriel Pimentel, who has over 10 years of experience with employment law and personal injury cases, Pimentel Law is dedicated to hearing you, believing you and fighting for you.

Our philosophy is to work closely with each of our clients to build the kind of strong connection and communication that it takes to be successful in a case. That’s one of the reasons why Pimentel Law has the best employment lawyers Pasadena has to offer.


Extremely lucky that they represented me

I love this company! From the start I felt like they really care, especially that you get to talk to your lawyer anytime you need to have something cleared out, your actual lawyer, not a receptionist or a secretary…very very professional and warm. I feel extremely lucky that they represented me. Thank you!

— Dody Minerva


Will definitely call him again

Very professional, he always keep me updated and will always respond my calls or any questions I had, honest lawyer, will definitely call him again if I ever need help with a case.

— Jorge Velazquez


Honored to have them take my case and win!

Pimentel Law always kept me informed on my case, and looked out for my best interest. They’re a very professional group, and I never doubted their decisions towards my case. I was honored to have them take my case and win!

— Rochelle Comeaux


Well above my expectations

Pimentel Law did well above my expectations, I highly recommend using this business if dealing with legal issues with an employer.

— Cody Parham


Highly suggest Pimentel Law to friends and family

My experience With Pimentel Law was everything I needed from the Care and the timely response. I was able to get the right care to recover from the accident. I fill blessed to been able to get it all resolved within a timely matter. And highly suggest them to friends and family.

— Michael Elizalde


Very caring and intelligent lawyer

Attorney Gabriel J. Pimentel of the law firm of Pimentel Law, PC. was there with my case from the beginning to the end. Very caring and intelligent lawyer who understands law and ready to fight for the common man. Their law firm is bar none.

— Fatai Yusuff


Extremely happy with the outcome

Working with Gabriel Pimentel was a great, he was very informative and detailed whenever reviewing what was going on with my case. One thing that I loved about working with him was that he always replied back quick! He always advised me what I should do every step of the way and was very supportive with any decision I made with my case. Ultimately, I was extremely happy with the outcome and if needed, would definitely work with Gabriel Pimentel again!

— Kelly Tith


Managed my case with timely diligence

I was in a serious auto accident and Gabriel provided me the best legal support possible. He expedited a full settlement from the insurance company much quicker than I anticipated. He made things very simple for me. He managed my case with timely diligence and negotiated with the parties-at-fault using a skillfully crafted, tough, no-compromise attitude. This spelled out to them they could not win in court and paid a full settlement. Thank you again Gabriel!

— ALJ 130


Very happy with the results

Highly recommend working with Gabriel Pimentel his very informative quick response back and I’m very happy with the results.



Great job helping me with my case

Gabriel did a great job helping me with my case I would definitely recommend him.



Can’t say enough good things

Most impressive attorney I have encountered out of more than several hundred that I contacted. I had an enormously complex case that Mr. Pimentel dived into deeper than any attorney I ever thought would to find a way to help me. My situation was immensely out of the ordinary, and far too risky to take on under a contingency basis (all I could afford), but Mr. Pimentel didn’t just say no like most, he gave me extensive legal analysis for the basis of his answer to better understand the hurdles. Anyone who engages this attorney’s services should count themselves lucky. He is truly one in a thousand (literally) and I could tell he was sincerely trying to find a way to correct the injustice done to me . If he works this hard without being engaged, it’s reasonable to assume hard hard this guy will work on your behalf if you hire him. Can’t say enough good things about him.

— YT 4TV


Got me a very large settlement

My long story short: I was injured at work and my employer discriminated against me by not accommodating me to return to work. They left me in limbo at home lingering for months with no paycheck and didn’t terminate me so no recourse for unemployment benefits, nothing. They also cost me other jobs by making derogatory statements to perspective employers. I contacted Gabriel and he took the case and within a matter of months got me a very large settlement that gave me real justice against this unscrupulous employer. I would recommend Gabriel Pimentel for employee discrimination lawsuits since he goes up against the employers large insurance companies with great skills I witnessed first hand.
Thank you Gabriel!

— Alice P.


Very professional, and a pleasure to work with.

I had a wage dispute with an ex employer. Mr. Pimentel took my case and was very thorough. He helped find a resolution that was quick and fair. Very professional, and a pleasure to work with. I would definitely recommend.

— Dillon


The best attorney in town!

Attorney Gabriel Pimentel handled my son’s case with the best care and dedication possible. He was there to explain and advise me of what was best for my son. His passion led to my son’s case to have the best outcome. He was there to explain the entire process and step by step explanation of the case made him trustworthy. I recommend if you have any legal concerns he is the best attorney in town.

— Marta Garcia


Caring, professional, and prompt!

In April 2015 I was involved in a car accident. I was crossing the intersection when I was struck by a vehicle that failed to yield. My SUV was a total loss and unfortunately I severed a right ankle fracture.
I was in the hospital for about eight hours then released in a splint unable to walk. A couple of days pass but knowing I had to call the insurance. I called the other drivers insurance to file a claim but it was the worst process ever. I thought I was able to handle the insurance claim I my own but I was wrong. My first offer for my bodily injury claim was 1,500 which I couldnt believe how they got that number knowing my ankle was broken. So I denied their offer. A week passed then they offered 2,000.I was still in disbelieve. They told me that they weren’t going anymore than 2,000. I shouldn’t have but I just hung up the phone. I was like how is that even possible. I called a couple of relatives to see if they knew of someone, I was referred to the law offices of Gabriel Pimentel.
I spoke to him myself so to me it made me feel more comforting knowing it’s his law office. I told him about what had happened when I called the insurance myself and he told me not to worry about nothing, he said just focus on getting better. Mr. Pimental was caring, professional, and prompt. I really thought it would’ve talen a couple a weeks or month to hear back from him but within a week he called and told me the great news how he got me the maximum policy limit of the other drivers insurance $15,000. Plus the property damage to my vehicle. I got the property damage check withing two weeks. I got my bodily Injury check after I was done treating but it was well worth it. Mr. Pimentel is an awesome attorney. Thank you for all your hard work.

— Sante Ochoa


Studiousness, relentless efforts!

Hi precious ones my experience with Attorney Pimentel cannot not be described with mere words. “Arch Angel” as I call him has been an awesome relief, success and blessing. After being in a car crash since 2011, passing through the hands of 4 attorneys who rather tried to screw us up inflicting more distress. After being abounded 3 months to trial, god connected us. His care, passion, studiousness, and relentless efforts are just incredible. A case that seems helpless and hopeless won an anonymous verdict. He is not just for money but cared about our loss and pain. Connected experts who could help us. The meeting was god directed and was very successful. I recommend Attorney Gabriel Pimentel of Pimentel Law to just give a try and will never regret it. I pray he continues in like manner in his carrier god bless.

— Kate Lutterodt


Always on top of the case

Gabriel is an excellent attorney always on top of the case. He helped in my case which was a bit complicated to resolve but he did everything to help me and he did.

— Jesus


Working with Gabriel Pimentel was great

He was very informative and detailed whenever reviewing what was going on with my case.

— Kelly T


Amazing service!

Amazing service! Always went the extra step to fight for what I wanted.

— Lesly Gonzalez


Excellent representation

My husband and I were in an automobile accident; rear ended in our week-old minivan. We sustained neck and back injuries as a result of the impact. With Mr. Pimentel on our side, our car was repaired, we received chiropractic and acupuncture treatment for our injuries which were paid by the insurance company of the driver who hit us. We are very thankful for Mr. Pimentel’s prompt attention and expertise.

— Vern


Professional, trustworthy and exact with his expectations

Att Gabe Pimentel handled my son’s case and I could not have expected any greater service. He is passionate about what he does, his service is really based on your needs. Answered all my questions. From the beginning of the case to the end he was professional, trustworthy, exact with his expectations. I would recommend you give him a chance you won’t regret choosing his services, I know I didnt. Thank you for all your help and dedication.

— Marta F.


Very professional and informative

From Start to Finish!!!! Atty Gabriel Pimentel stand by my side. He is so very professional and informative. I would recommend him 100%. Just want to Say Thank you Very Much and I appreciate it that, You Atty Pimentel stand till we finished my Case.

— Airand Abelardo

Explaining Complicated Legal Issues in Simple Terms

We also work hard to help give you a sense of where things stand, what options are available and our strategy moving forward.

Our personal injury and employment lawyers in Pasadena help clients across California navigate their unique legal matters every step of the way. Once you start working with our team, you’ll know you’ve come to the right place.

Getting Results

Our legal team is highly skilled at negotiating high-dollar settlements and at winning large verdicts.

If the other side isn’t willing to offer an acceptable settlement, Pimentel Law has the experience to take your case to trial and win a large verdict. Other firms avoid trial because they lack the experience or fear losing the case. But Pimentel Law is not only fearless, but has extensive trial experience.

Get Quality Over Quantity at Pimentel Law

At Pimentel Law we focus on quality over quantity. Every member of our legal team has a select limited number of cases, which gives us more time to do our job right for each individual client. The best employment law firms for employees are ones like ours, who are capable of dedicating whatever amount of time necessary to win the case.

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