Military or Veteran Status Discrimination

After the sacrifices you have made for your country, suffering workplace discrimination because of your military status can be disheartening. Unfortunately, military discrimination in the workplace does exist, and it can take a mental and financial toll on our veterans.

You don’t have to battle this type of discrimination on your own in California. The expert military discrimination lawyers at Pimentel Law can help you to seek justice and hopefully prevent your employer from continuing to perpetuate this type of discrimination against others in the future.

What You May Experience When Facing Military or Veteran Status Discrimination

California’s Fair Employment & Housing Act (FEHA) prohibits discrimination against members or veterans of the United States Armed Forces, United States Armed Forces Reserve, United States National Guard, or California National Guard.

However, nothing in the FEHA prevents employers from identifying military members or veterans for purposes of awarding a veteran’s preference as permitted by law.

If you are a veteran or an active duty service member, military or veteran status discrimination can take many different forms. Terminating your job upon your return from a deployment, firing you because you receive a PTSD diagnosis, denying you a promotion, or terminating you due to your pending active duty deployment.

Your employer may unknowingly discriminate against you due to your military or veteran status. However, it is nevertheless illegal and entitles you to recover money damages for all harm caused by the discrimination.

Fight Against Military Discrimination with Pimentel Law’s Help

At Pimentel Law, we believe in honoring our veterans and active duty service members, so we take this sort of discrimination very seriously. If you have experienced discrimination in the workplace and you feel the need to speak with a military discrimination lawyer, call us and we will take the necessary steps to make sure that your rights are protected.

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