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With over 10 years of employment law experience and an in-depth understanding of unlawful discrimination, retaliation, harassment, and termination, Pimentel Law has some of the most capable employment lawyers in the Los Angeles area. As such, we know how to prepare your case for the award of a large settlement through out-of-court proceedings or trail.

Pimentel Law specializes in a wide range of employment law cases:

Wrongful termination or harassment

Based on race, religion, sex, disability, medical condition, marital status, gender, gender identity, gender expression, age and sexual orientation.


For (1) opposing unlawful employment practices, (2) filing a complaint, testifying or assisting in an official proceeding or (3) requesting reasonable accommodation for a disability or a religious belief.

Sexual harassment

For your employer’s offering benefits or threatening to take them away in exchange for unwelcome sexual favors or for creating a hostile work environment based on your sex.

Unpaid Wages

If you are owed unpaid wages, the Pasadena employment attorneys at Pimentel Law can recover any minimum wage or overtime, as well as interest and penalties.

Denial of family & medical leave

For (1) the birth or adoption of a child, (2) to care for a family member who has a serious health condition or (3) for your own serious health condition that renders you unable to perform your job.

Denial of pregnancy leave

For a disability caused by (1) pregnancy, (2) childbirth or a (3) related medical condition.

The quality of our work environment has a significant impact on our psychological and physical well-being. As research has increasingly shown, a bad work environment can lead to physical and mental health problems, including depression, anxiety and substance abuse. Toxic work environments have been linked to loss of sleep, which we know increases the risk of chronic illnesses such as obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Our team of employment attorneys in Pasadena understands the impact that a bad work environment can have on your well-being because we have been helping victims of workplace discrimination, retaliation, harassment, and termination for more than a decade. Because of this experience, we know how to handle employment lawsuits.

During our free consultation, we will tell whether your employer violated any employment laws, and counsel you on what to do next. For example, if you are still working for the employer, we’ll advise you how to informally resolve your issue with your employer to avoid litigation. If your issue can’t be resolved informally, then we proceed to litigation.

Moving to Litigation

When you try to resolve your workplace issue informally by giving your employer an opportunity to correct the unlawful behavior, but the employer refuses to correct the issue, this typically strengthens your case. For those who have been terminated, informal discussions with the former employer are usually not possible or practical. So for those cases, we immediately begin our focus on evidence preservation, such as collecting your emails, text messages, employment manuals, policies and locating witnesses. In many cases, we already have a head-start on the defense lawyer before we get to filing your suit as a result of the due diligence and investigation that goes into preparing your case for a lawsuit.

Once the lawsuit is filed, we immediately engage in a process called “discovery,” where we supplement the preliminary findings of our pre-litigation investigation with additional evidence, such as sworn testimony from managers, coworkers and any other relevant witness, as well as written answers and documents from your employer. During this discovery process, your employment lawyers in Los Angeles are required to share our evidence with the defendant’s lawyer and if requested, give them any sworn testimony, written answers, and documents they may request from you.

By the time discovery is complete, the employer usually has a much greater appreciation of its financial exposure for its unlawful actions and usually asks us to sit down and talk settlement. By this point, we can usually reach a fair settlement. However, when that is not possible, we are more than capable of taking your case to trial to get your desired outcome.

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