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    At Pimentel Law, we are selective about the cases we take and the clients we represent, so we can’t accept every case we review. Rather than operating a “litigation mill” with hundreds or even thousands of active cases, we take only a select, limited number of clients so that we can devote the time and resources it takes to get our clients the best outcome. At Pimentel Law, we value quality over quantity and our results prove it. This is also why we limit the scope of our practice to just two specialties listed below:

    Employment litigation, which consists of cases involving unlawful discrimination, retaliation, harassment, failure to provide leaves of absence, termination and pay wage violations.

    Personal injury litigation, which consists of auto, trucking, motorcycle, boating and aviation accidents, trip/slip and fall accidents and medical malpractice claims. These personal injury cases involve a broad range of physical harms, including severe brain and spine injuries, soft-tissue injuries, broken bones and wrongful death.

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