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    Pimentel Law exclusively represents plaintiffs in personal injury and employment law cases, including wrongful termination, retaliation, discrimination, harassment, unpaid wages, and unreimbursed work expenses.

    Our consultations are always free, and if we take your case there are never any up front fees.

    Employment Law

    Have you been the victim of retaliation, harassment or discrimination in the workplace? Do you have a pay dispute with your employer? Consult with a Los Angeles employment attorney about your legal rights and options.

    Personal Injury

    Have you or someone you love been in an accident? Our Los Angeles based personal injury attorneys will help you recover money damages for all harm caused by the negligence of another.

    Why Pimentel Law?

    At Pimentel Law, we take what we do seriously. We don’t put our faces on billboards or have catchy TV and radio jingles. Instead, we let our work speak for itself. We are not “billboard” or “radio jingle” lawyers. These types of law practices are typically “high-volume,” which means that they are usually too overwhelmed with cases to give yours the time and attention it deserves.

    What separates us from other law firms is that our lawyers handle only a small, select number of cases. Our focus is quality, not quantity. This allows us to spend whatever amount of time it takes to prepare your case for a win at trial or a large out-of-court settlement.


    Extensive trial experience


    Small number of clients assigned per lawyer


    We typically respond to clients the same day


    We win large settlements and verdicts


    Representing to appeal if that’s what it takes


    If we don’t win you money, you don’t pay us any fees


    Hear what our clients say about us

    Why Trial Experience is Important

    Many clients unknowingly hire lawyers who have never actually taken a case to trial. This would be like hiring a surgeon who has never operated. Our firm is unique because it is one of a select few that has the knowledge and expertise to litigate your case through trial and appeal, including the California Supreme Court, if necessary. The firm’s lead counsel, Attorney Gabriel Pimentel is a trial lawyer with over a decade’s worth of courtroom experience, winning numerous trial verdicts and appellate court victories, as well as several million-dollar out-of-court settlements.

    Although our trial experience is obviously an asset inside the courtroom, it’s an even greater one outside of court. This is because defense lawyers are more likely to settle a case for more dollars when an experienced trial lawyer is on the other side. Due to our trial experience, our cases consistently settle out of court for more money than our clients ever expect.

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