Race Discrimination in the Workplace

Magnifying glass spots racial discrimination

You have just been told that you’ve been terminated, and part of you believes that your race is the reason why. The question is: what rights do you have if you experience race discrimination in the workplace? And how can race discrimination attorneys help you to safeguard these rights?

At Pimentel Law, we can take a close look at your workplace situation and determine what course of action you should take if you have suffered race discrimination in the workplace.

Seeking Justice After Experiencing Discrimination Due to Your Race

Race discrimination comes in many forms. For instance, a company might not hire you due to your race, or if a company does hire you, they might give you a lower salary than your colleagues. Companies may also deny you a well-deserved promotion or even harass you due to your race.

Liability in a race discrimination case depends on whether race or color actually motivated the employer’s decision; i.e., it must have actually played a role in the employer’s decision-making process and had a determinative influence on the outcome.

Liability in a race harassment case depends on whether the harassment unreasonably interfered with the employee’s work performance by creating an intimidating, abusive, hostile, or offensive work environment. Although teasing, offhand comments, and isolated incidents are not generally sufficient to create a hostile work environment, a single ethnic slur can be sufficient in certain circumstances.

Race discrimination cases can be nuanced, complex, and time-consuming. That is why it is important to talk to experienced race discrimination attorneys who understand how to navigate these cases and what remedies to seek on your behalf.

If you prove race discrimination, the remedies available to you will depend on the particular facts of your case. For instance, you might be entitled to back wages, future wages, or to reinstatement if you were fired.

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